Missions is at the heart of LUMC. We provide multiple opportunities to serve which are aimed at sharing the love of Christ with the community around us and growing our own faith experience via service and fellowship. Some of the regular missions activities are:

  • Spihn: Spartanburg Interfaith Hospitality Network is a local arm of Family Promise. This is a non-profit organization that provides housing and job placement, case management and short term living to homeless families with children. Participants rotate amongst 15 churches in the local area for housing and meals. We have these families (up to 14 people) one week per quarter. This provides our members an opportunity to serve through acting as a host (visiting with families or helping with problems/questions), being an overnight host and/or serving a meal. This provides a hands on opportunity to serve some of the most vulnerable in our communities and lend a helping hand up to them.
  • Refuel: Refuel is a monthly community meal that meets various needs for all of it’s attendees. It provides a delicious, hot meal as well as an opportunity for community and social interaction. It gives our church members an opportunity to serve through helping in preparation and serving of the meal, as well as the chance to share love and hospitality with all in our community. We welcome you to attend and serve in whatever capacity best meets your needs and talents.
  • “Share the Love”: This year we have decided to do a quarterly “Share the Love” mission event. This will involve the entire congregation coming together on a Sunday afternoon to complete a mission task. On February 11th, we will kick this off by making “blessing bags” to individually share with the community. More information will be shared about this.
  • Mission Trips: Two mission trips are in the works for 2018. We will release details of this when they have been confirmed. This will provide an opportunity for members to share the Message first hand through loving interaction and service.
  • Backpack Ministries: We aid in filling bags with food for the local backpack ministry. This provides a weekend food supply for children that are identified as being at risk for hunger. You can help with this ministry by donating food and/or helping to pack these bags.
  • Christmas: The Missions Committee always identifies an opportunity to serve the community at this special holiday.
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